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Is the BDW Medical operating in compliance with the Medical Board & laws in my state?

Yes our service is legal and our physicians operate in compliance with individual state laws on telemedicine.

How does BDW Medical protect my personal information?

The BDW Medical will not share your information with any third party. The BDW Medical Is HIPAA compliant & warehouses all medical data on 256-bit encrypted servers.

What do I need to schedule an appointment?

A state identification and valid credit card.

What medical conditions do you treat?

We offer medical advice and consultations regarding illnesses such as the flu, ear aches, sore throats, and the common cold.  We also provide wellness examinations.

What should I expect from BDW Medical consult/exam?

You can expect an efficient, thorough 10-20 minute medical evaluation by a state licensed physician.  All consultations are conducted via secured video conferencing in the comfort of your own home.

Does BDW Medical take Insurance?

No, BDW Medical does not take health insurance.